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A mother's love is selfless, it is great. A mother's love is not to use in a few words can express it.


And the children of the same age, I to have a proud to be the best mother in the world. Mother's hands warm hand, like enchanting spring, mother's hand is in March in the spring breeze, touched us. Mother is not very beautiful appearance, no fancy clothes, but she is always in my heart the most beautiful, most great.


Mother is selfless, as meng jiao, "who made the heart-inch grass, at a three chunhui." Mother is never say no to our thoughts. That a few days, because learning tension, coupled with the pressure in the heart, I didn't call home for a few days, mother was calling for his sister to her and I talk, then there is shining you kind words. Perhaps really is my fault, let you to hold back the caring heart.


Mother! In increasing wrinkles on your face, and a little wrinkle, is your fee for me a little effort, you for our love did not change, changed the face is you, the deeper the love, love changes and more. Mother traces everywhere, and the world more beautiful for a mother's love. A mother's love, you this warm spring breeze, blow across the earth, wake up the all things.


Goodbye, mother you flash in orbital tears tears, hasn't been out, are you suggesting that I: children you to be strong, you have grown up. Flash in the eye socket tears express you don't give up, too many oath does not represent what, but you must rest assured, I won't let you down.


Day after day, year after year, ten years like one day, spring, summer, autumn and winter transformation, the same is a mother's love, is the mother of appearance, I love my mother, is a kind of different from other emotional love.





"Grateful heart, thank you, my life, let me have the courage to do my own......" Whenever hear this song, I think of the mother.


"I'm from accident like a dust." in fact, everyone from the accident. When millions of sperm rob a grain of eggs, the birth of the people it is clear that the unparalleled lucky. However, if there is no mother, there would be no us, is the mother gave us life. Thought of here, I want to thank you deeply, my mother.


"Can anyone see my fragile". Yes, who can? If is a stranger, maybe not at you. But, for mother, everything you do, and smile already deeply carves into her mind. Who is more than the mother understand us? Thought of here, I want to thank you deeply, my mother.


"Heaven and earth is wide and the road but it is difficult to walk". Heaven and earth road is the road of life. When we are young, mother holding our toddler; When we are young, and my mother give us confidence and encouragement; When we grow up, Mother is always in her own way to help us. The road of life is too long, but mother always accompany us go. Thought of here, I want to thank you deeply, my mother.


"I see all this bumpy hard" in the world. When we lose heart, is mother with kind words encourage us; When we are sad sad, is mother with warm words to comfort us. Mother paid too much too much for us. Thought of here, I want to thank you deeply, my mother.


Thanksgiving heart, thank you, with my life, let me have the courage to be myself; Thanksgiving heart, thank you, mother!



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